Ken I am Ken Irvin.  I have worked in various sectors of the Information Technology industry for more than 15 years.  My wife and two kids, cat, dog, and I live in a small town just outside the big city.  She and I both grew up in East Texas and are slowly working our way back.  We love Jesus and follow his example in our service to our neighbors and community.  When I am not working on computers or playing video games I love to be outside with the family.  I also have a passion for flying model aircraft and sharing them with others.

Fifteen years ago I decided to turn my love for computers into a career.  I played a lot of video games in the 90’s when you actually had to know a fair amount about computers just to get a video game to run.  Since then, however, I have worked on everything from large mainframes and data centers to tiny handheld devices.  I love to be challenged and learning new technology.  I have a passion for helping people focus on their business instead of technology.  How can we serve you?  Visit our contact page and let us know.