Bedford Tech Assessment

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What is the primary advantage of a 64-Bit operating system.
In Active Directory, what is the purpose of an OU (Organizational Unit)?
A user calls in a panic and reports that the internet is down. Which of these steps would you take to troubleshoot the problem effectively?
Which command will tell you what route network traffic is taking?
Which of the following are valid functions of Active Directory?
What is the normal release cycle for Microsoft Windows Updates?
The most current version of the Windows Desktop Operating System is Windows .
You have just installed Windows on a system and logged in to it. You notice there is no sound and you cannot join the computer to the domain. What should you do next?
What does the acronym DNS stand for and what is the purpose of this service?
Which of these commands will output TCP/IP configuration details on a Windows computer?
In Active Directory, what is a SID (Security Identifier)?
What is the purpose of a default gateway in a computer's networking configuration?
You just updated a driver on a computer and now it blue screens as soon as the user logs in. What can you do to troubleshoot the problem?
What is a VPN?
Which command would you use to quickly determine whether a computer is on the network?

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